This four legged rich bitch is better than you

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Mase for News

Dear Rich Bitch, What do you feel about all the rich people who leave their money to their pets rather than donate it to the charity or the needy? Aren’t they being really selfish and vain? Their pets get fat while the world is starving.  Regards Selena

Dear Selena, it does seem a little bit ridiculous to leave millions to a pet; but who are we to tell rich people what to do with their money? Even poor people will feed their pets first before they concern themselves with the fact that there are people starving in the world.

Personally I’m not a pet person, and I find it outrageous that the late Leona Helmsley, the best example of someone putting the welfare of a pet above the welfare of people (her own grand children no less), left $12 million dollars to her dog Trouble; but as I understand from what I’ve read, it’s expensive to care for a millionaire’s pet. Millionaires’ pets are pampered little bitches, strictly referring to females of the canine species. If you ask their owners they are better than you and me; and we would be lucky to scoop up their poop if we could be so honored.

I would think anyone who leaves $12 million to a dog while at the same time disinheriting her own grandchildren does it to be mean and to get the last laugh at the expense of all the people waiting for her to croak so they can get their hands on her money.

Having said that, many pet owners love their pets as much as they love any member of their family. Pets are a part of the family for most people who keep them and if someone takes steps to ensure that after their death their pet(s) will be properly cared for, there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

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