Tips for Extending the Life of Discount Designer Handbags

A lot of women love the look of an Austrian crystal bracelet and an expensive designer handbag. Unfortunately, they often will do things with their handbag that will shorten its life.  Here are some tips for helping a handbag last longer.

  • Love your leather – Make sure that you are taking care of your leather purse by wiping it down with leather wipes.  There is a good one that costs just $5 and that will help your leather purse look wonderful. They will help that purse keep looking great.
  • Use your pillowcases – For those who don’t have dust bags for your expensive purses, a good thing to do is to use a pillowcase. It will help keep your purse protected and fresh.  Don’t use a plastic bag, especially if you have a purse made of suede or leather. Plastic is going to dry out its hide.
  • Be a weight watcher – We all watch what goes in our mouth, yet we don’t watch what goes into our purse. Extra weight isn’t good on our bodies and it’s not good in our purse either.  So just put the things you need in your purse, and your purse will last a lot longer.

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