Tips on wedding linens

Planning a wedding can be quite stressful and it is for this very reason that wedding planning services have sprung up. However, it can always be a bit unsettling to leave everything in someone else’s hand; even a subject that may seem as sub-important as wedding linens.

The first thoughts that come to your head when thinking about wedding linens are – cost and color. What you should know is that colored linen is usually the same price as white linen; so be bold and make those color choices. The one thing you must be picky about is the hemming on the linen. Always insist on hems that have been folded and stitched. Serged hems will only give you grief as they have a tendency to curl and look rather untidy.

Ask your wedding planner to show you a sample setting of a table and chairs. This is where you can inspect the table cloths, cloth napkins, chair covers, runners, sash’s etc. This is important because of several reasons.

·You know in advance what the setting looks like.

·You can gauge for yourself how the color looks on that material.

·You can make changes by adding or removing components to make it look better.

Once you are satisfied with the way it looks, find out from your wedding planner if there are any hidden costs that could surprise you; like cleaning charges for spillages, charges for other damages etc. Knowing these in advance will help you budget for them and be prepared, in case something happens.

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