To Glue or Not to Glue

Whether you’re moving into a new home, looking to re-do your old one, or are in the process of building, you’re bound to think about flooring. For many homeowners, the main concern when it comes to flooring is whether to glue or not to glue. With the choices in flooring available like bamboo flooring this can be a difficult question to answer, but here’s why you shouldn’t glue:

  1. It’s a Mess. The last thing you want is to add any more chaos to your home. Renovations are always messy and using flooring that calls for glue can only add to this. If you are not well-versed in the process you could easily end up with one dirty floor.
  2. It’s Time-Consuming. Not everyone who does a renovation or builds a home has the luxury of time. The truth is most of us try to squeeze in these tasks during our free time. Why waste your time sticking things to the floor when you can just stick strand woven bamboo or maple planks together and get professional looking results?
  3. It’s Permanent. Remember how you’re changing your floors right now? Chances are you’ll be doing the same thing in the future. Whether it’s ten years from now, twenty years from now, or just next year, you’re bound to do it. Using glue will give you one big headache. Floating flooring is easy to put on and remove. When you lose your taste for an oak wood floor or even your bamboo wood flooring, you won’t have any trouble changing it.

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