Trading forex drinking dreading love making

Dear diary it has been a while, but you know how it is with me…. At the moment I am a bit upset. I’ve lost $60 today trading forex. I just keep stacking up the losses. Today’s loss brings my official loss since I started trading to 1,487.38. It’s depressing. I know what you think. You think I should never have started trading forex in the first place; and you think I should have gotten out long ago once I realized I just don’t have a knack for currency trading. What can I say? I made the commitment and I still intend to stick it through until I wipe out my account. That’s probably going to happen sooner than later, wiping out my account.

If it’s one thing I can say I’m good at with absolute certainty it’s losing money. Too bad it’s not possible to become a millionaire by capitalizing on the skill for losing money. Or maybe there is a way to become a millionaire by capitalizing  on the skill for losing money but I’m too stupid to think of it. Someone else will think of it and capitalize on it.

Clearly I am frustrated. I have not been managing life very well. All aspects of my life are pretty much out of control at the moment. There’s been alcohol in the house which the hubby brought back from his trip, so I have been drinking to try to escape my worries, but for that to work I would have to drink all hours of my waking day and that’s not an option. To make matters worse, I’m going to have to do the sex thing probably tonight or  tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday. The last thing in the world I want to be bothered with right now is having to lie on my back with my legs opened while someone pokes away at me. Maybe if he didn’t always reek so much of cigarettes… Maybe if he looked like any of the men below I’d happily attempt to ride my troubles away. Maybe…. Just because a man looks good doesn’t mean you’ll automatically find it easy to jump into bed with him. Besides, the ability to enjoy sex has little to do with how good your partner looks. Still, since I have no sex drive whatsoever I could use some visual inspiration:

Dwayne Johnson and Rafael Nadal…

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