Trading Forex Friday August 15th 2008

I still have a few dollars in my FXCM forex trading account. I won’t tell you how few because I’m embarrassed; but it’s enough to open a few more trades before I run too low to open any trades. It has been an interesting experience thus far; but I am happy to report that I haven’t had any forex trading related stress or depression to deal with since my first disastrous week when I broke into tears over all the money I had lost.

My impression of forex trading at this point is that it is a pretty powerful tool to have at your disposal. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have the ability to make money without having to do anything for anyone else first, without needing to rely on finding someone to buy your product or your service or pay you for some asset you possess that they want to use to benefit themselves, then trading forex has the potential to provide that experience. It’s an opportunity to grow money on any given day at any given minute; but there is knowledge needed of how to do this successfully, and this knowledge simply cannot be acquired in a few weeks.

I am not happy to have lost the better part of my deposit after such a short time, but I’m glad I opened the trading account and I intend to keep it active for as long as I am able to do so financially. There is a certain degree of comfort that is present knowing the possibility to make money is always there; and while I know the possibility to make money might not translate into actual money I can withdraw into my bank account in the form of profit from forex trading any time soon, having that door open gives me slight bit of hope.

Hope is not going to solve my financial problems, I am aware of that, but neither is hopelessness, and I would rather feel hopeful than hopeless. A sense of hopefulness makes it easier to persevere where feeling hopeless makes it easier to give up and start contemplating suicide; and as far as I’m concerned, even a false sense of hope is better than feeling like there’s no hope at all.

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