Trading forex Thursday July 31st 2008

I’ve had some feedback from a reader regarding my forex trading adventures. The reader wrote among other things that it is foolish of me to be putting my money into forex trading. He told me that the first time I made the decision to pull my money out of FXCM I should have stuck with the decision; that I am clearly too unbalanced to be trading forex for one thing, and for another I obviously don’t know enough about forex trading to be trying to make money as a forex trader.

I’m not sure I can disagree with the reader on the fact that I don’t know enough about forex trading. As for being “too unbalanced”, well, he may be right about that as well; but I made the decision to go in and I will see that decision through.

As things stand I continue to lose money; but I am taking fewer chances than last week when I went in and  basically went wild. I am over the forex trading related depression. Right now I am just playing things out with no expectation of a good or bad ending. I will discover how this ends rather than anticipate or dread winning or losing.

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