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I have never been to Italy but I’m told Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world. My research assistant (really just a guy I paid to write up some material for a planned book) assures me that, with its rich historic past and amazing culture, it is easy to fall in love with Italy, which he calls a remarkable country.

Because aspiring rich ladies ought to know as much as they can about the world’s most traveled regions, even while they are too poor to afford to travel to these esteemed places, I have decided to share some of the material I’ve collected. If you’re planning a trip to Italy you might find some useful information as you prepare for your travel. Otherwise read to educate yourself if for no other reason.

Italy Part 1

Located in Southern Europe, Italy shares its northern boundaries with Austria, France, Switzerland, and Slovenia.

The climate of this country is very diverse. The northern areas have tropical climate while the southern part has various weather depending on the region’s altitude. Regions that have high altitudes are often cold, wet, and snowy. Regions that are near the coast have mild winters and have often dry and hot summer.

This is a place that is ideal for someone to reflect and to be enthralled by the mystifying beauty of Italy, as this place offers many tourist attractions such as art museums, opera houses, restaurants, historic landmarks, and beautiful countryside. The country is also the birthplace of renaissance period which is the rebirth of classical ideas that happened during the 15th and 6th centuries. Visiting Italian cities will give the traveler a sense of mystery and charm. With its remarkable architectural designs and other remnants of its rich and colorful past, the place can bring memories of the time when kings and noblemen ruled and flourished.

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