Trying to win $4600

I’ve always said I want to earn my millions, not win them, but from time to time when things get really bad I will buy a lotto ticket and hope for a miracle. I remember there was a time in my life when I was so desperate for money I would get down on my knees and pray to be shown the winning lotto numbers. I would even sometimes look up to the sky and beseech the power above to let the clouds form in the shape of the winning lotto numbers. Pathetic, I know; but that was many years ago when I was a young mother with no job living at home with my parents and desperate for money to move out and take care of myself and my son.

These days I don’t pray and look to the sky. I very seldom spend money on the lottery; but I do occasionally play online games like solitaire and bingo at hoping to win the jackpot. I’ve been playing Bingo Luau quite a bit lately hoping for some good luck to come my way. The jackpot is currently $4623. I know I have no chance of winning it because when it comes to winning money I have zero luck in that regard, but I still play and hope for a miracle anyway. I feel almost as desperate now as I did back then. My money situation is that bad.

It’s interesting the point I’ve reached. Earlier today I was reviewing websites that offer chances to win money playing free bingo. I’m now turning to hoping for luck winning money knowing fully well that I am the world’s most unlucky person when it comes to winning games of chance. What else can I do. Yeah, I know what  you’re going to say. Go get a real job. After all I can’t possibly claim to be running a business if I’m spending my time playing Bingo even if it’s purely an act of desperation. If things are that desperate the only sensible thing to do is call my business an utter and complete failure and go fill out an application at McDonalds; but then I remind myself that Barack Obama has just pulled off the ultimate impossibility. Of course, he didn’t leave anything to chance.

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