My Money Today 07-10-08

I have $2.50 on my desk right now. I’m afraid to check my bank account. It’s in the deficit. I don’t really want to find out by how much right now. Maybe later. The light bill is still due. Will need to pay about $300 to prevent it from being disconnected. The other bills have been paid. Most of my accounts are empty. I have about $2 in one account and $100 in another. My credit cards are pretty much maxed out.

Not feeling quite as certain as I was a day or two ago that my life is entering into a new phase that will bring about financial security very soon. Having some psychologically based as well as realistically based doubts that the plan I have concocted will work.

I do have about $6000 in imaginary money in a practice forex account. How nice it would be if that were actually money I could use. How nice if it could be possible in reality to make $50 – $200 every 5 minutes – 2 hours. The thing is, with forex trading it is in fact possible in reality to make $50 – $200 every 5 minutes – 2 hours; but the odds are stacked against someone coming in with $5000. Yesterday I lost $1600 from trades gone bad. Imagine if that was real money? Can I really afford to lose money right now? Obviously not. But can I afford to remain in my present situation? No, I can’t.

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