Update: My Forex trading adventures – FXCM kind enough to share secrets on how to trade and survive in highly volatile markets

It’s been some time since I’ve done a forex trading update. The reason: I have not been trading. There’s just no excitement for me in losing money, although I’ve proven to be quite good at it. I hadn’t logged into my demo or live account trading forex for days before deciding to go ahead and take a peak today after receiving the mailing from FXCM about surviving in highly volatile markets.

No surprise to discover the US dollar down significantly from when I last lost money trading against it. Everybody knows how the economy is so bad it warranted a state of the union address yesterday and prompted McCain to put his campaign on momentary pause out of respect and concern. I might have been able to pull out some profits out of the mess but I didn’t have enough money in my account to risk.

At the moment I am on hiatus from trading forex, but I am not giving up forex trading altogether. I simply cannot afford to deposit additional funds into my account right now.

Image: epicharmus via Flickr

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