Wardrobe Recession In Full Effect

Is your wardrobe suffering from the economy? I know mine is! In the constant quest to keep myself looking at least semi-professional, I am always on the lookout for classic styles and high-quality fabric. Now more than ever seems like a good time to buy classic styles rather than the latest trends, items in colors that all match one another, and shoes that will match every possible combination of colors! It never fails that after a day of really prudent shopping, the rebel in me insists on getting something like florescent pink shoes that will go with nothing else I own—but I’m fighting that urge like mad these days.

There are numerous other issues with my personal wardrobe recession. Like everyone, I have other things that need purchasing. Things around the house need fixing. My car needs a ton of fixing. I need to make a trip to see my family…in the order of priority, my tennis shoes that are falling apart just aren’t really making it to the top of the priority ladder. However, it’s time to buy some clothes. This afternoon, I’m going to reward my recent fashion deprivation efforts, which have resulted in wisely allocated funds to my 401(k) account and my immediate savings, with an online trip to Chic Star. This store carries everything from capri pants to jackets, fabrics ranging from shimmery to denim and everything in between. However, because it’s also affordable, my little shopping sojourn will neither deplete my bank account nor ruin the progress I’ve made in getting my finances in order!

Wish me luck. And by that, I mean self-control! I want to take a small online shopping sojourn, not an online shopping rampage!

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