Was plastic surgery behind Ivanka Trump’s transformation from ugly duckling to beautiful swan?

Dear Rich Bitch, what do you think about Ivanka Trump and the rumors that she’s had plastic surgery and owes her “beauty” to a plastic surgeon? Poor Bitch

Dear Poor Bitch, Ivanka Trump is quite “beautiful” isn’t she? Her features are almost too perfect to be real. That’s probably why so many people wonder the same as you, whether or not Ivanka owes her perfection to a skilled plastic surgeon. If you ‘ve seen the Page Six piece on Ivanka titled Ivanka Trump’s View From the Top you probably saw a photo of Ivanka when she was a little girl. From the photo you’d hardly imagine Ivanka would grow up to be such an enviable beauty.

There have been suggestions made in the past supported with before and after photos of Ivanka Trump that lend credibility to claims of plastic surgery; but really, what does any of it matter? Plastic surgery is an available option for women who don’t particularly like their looks. If Ivanka didn’t like her nose and had a plastic surgeon give her a new nose that’s her prerogative. She has the money; but I suppose it’s understandable why some women might think it’s wrong for Ivanka to flaunt her beauty knowing it’s not natural, assuming it’s not natural. She already has so much more than most of us. That she should also be considered more beautiful than we are when she was in fact ordinary prior to surgery can be irritating; but it’s still just a case of our being petty and  jealous, and that’s a worse reflection on us than it reflects badly on Ivanka that she doesn’t admit she paid for her nose and her chin and her breasts and whatever else.

Mind you I am not suggesting Ivanka Trump has had plastic surgery. I don’t see why it’s a relevant question at all because it’s not going to help us get where we’re trying to go in life. Petty jealousy is not motivating and we need to stay motivated if we hope to fulfill our rich bitch dreams. So let’s admire Ivanka Trump instead of hating her. Let’s applaud her for being another example of why you have to be smart to get ahead. Not that Ivanka needed her smarts to get ahead, being the daughter of Donald Trump; but just think, if she did pay for a new nose, a new chin, more defined cheekbones and bigger breasts as she has been accused of doing, that was actually a very smart move on her part because it has greatly increased the public interest in her and helped to make her independently wealthy. You can bet Ivanka wouldn’t be considered nearly as interesting if she wasn’t quite so physically perfect. She was smart enough to know that, assuming the plastic surgery rumors are true. She knew that being a gorgeous blonde with a brain would make her far more famous than being an ordinary brunette with a brain. Had she not transformed herself into her present image of aryan perfection and come onto the scene flaunting her intellectual superiority and the Trump name she would be just another nameless New York socialite heiress. So more power to Ivanka Trump for knowing that a woman needs to stand out in whatever way she can in order to make it to the top.

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