What about the business of making your own money?

As previously stated, setting and pursuing a goal to marry rich won’t work for every woman. If you’re not sure if you have what it takes to land a rich man, “If you can’t win a trophy then marry one“, should give you an idea what guys in general consider “hot”. Men want hot wives they can show off and make other men drool with envy over. Rich men have the money to afford the hot wife. The linked article is about hot sports wives, but it applies across the board. If you’re a woman whose boyfriend will go around making comments like “Your girlfriend looks like her face was caught in a firecracker accident and you still have to kiss her ass for a hummer”, then forget about finding a rich man to marry and focus your attention on earning your own money. Then you can turn the tables and buy yourself a trophy husband if you so desire.

Besides, getting rich by marrying a rich man isn’t really an achievement. Why wouldn’t you prefer to make your own money regardless if you could land a rich man or not? To earn your own money is so much more commendable than to obtain it in alimony payments or as an inheritance once your husband dies, or in allowances your husband gives you. Come on ladies, this is the 21st century!

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