What Are Your Options for Budget Body Spray Tanning

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Right now, it seems like everyone is on a budget due to a down economy, so where does that leave us for options on body spray tanning and how are we supposed to afford it? What generally happens is, less people have less money to spend so then when companies are bringing less money in, they have to either cut people or raise the prices of their products in order to account for the lost business.

So What Are The Options?

While tanning isn’t a necessity and something that’s considered completely optional, some of us feel like we need to have our tan. Some of us enjoy looking tan and some of us do it to draw the appeal of other people because other people usually are attracted to people who have a tan.

Option 1 – You can do it yourself which seems to be the most cost effective option

Option 2 – You can visit a tanning salon which will end up charging you an arm and a leg

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