Whatever happened to Natalie Dylan’s plan to auction off her virginity for one million dollars?

Today I came across a story about a college student who was looking to auction off her virginity for 1 million dollars back in September. I wonder how that turned out.

Everyone was so shocked and appalled. How could a woman give away her precious virginity to any old Joe willing to pay a million dollars? People were of the opinion that a woman’s virginity is a precious thing to be given as a gift to someone special.

Most women give away their virginity for nothing to someone who eventually ends up on the list of men they wish they’d never met.

I wonder how many women who gave their virginity to some boy/man who turned out to be a jerk and a loser would look back with regret if they’d at least gotten a million dollars out of the experience.

For something so precious and valuable, we sure do forget about our virginity pretty fast after we lose it.

I’m inclined to doubt Ms. Dylan received a million dollars for her virginity though. Most people with that kind of money won’t spend it on pleasure that lasts a few seconds.

I’ve been trying to find information about how it all turned out but can’t find anything, so if you know please feel free to tell us. Was Howard Stern able to help Natalie Dylan find someone to pay her a million dollars for her virginity? Or was it all just a big hoax? It reads more like a marketing ploy. Just not sure who was the beneficiary.

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