When Guys Need New Clothes

There’s nothing more annoying than going on a hot date looking dazzlingly gorgeous when your beau looks like a total slouch. As evidenced by articles and blogs by women all over cyberspace, the clothes guys wear can make marriage funny and relationships annoying! Sometimes a girl just has to step in and give her guy some tips. Or even better, just buy him some darn clothes.

I don’t know about you, but the places my guy seems to have the most trouble dressing for are events like job interviews, weddings, black-tie-optional events (i.e., basically any occasion requiring a suit). Some guys don’t have suits. Even worse than this, some guys have old, ugly suits that they think look just right. That’s really annoying, but it can be fixed without too much hassle.

Considering the sales going on right now, you rich girls can buy a ton of clothing for your well-intentioned but poorly dressed significant other. One of my favorite online stores is Menswearecollection.com (don’t forget the “e” in the middle). This place has every type of suit you can imagine and more. Here is just a brief list of what your guy can find here:

• Four-button suit
• Two-button suit
• Suit separates
• Tuxedo
• Sport coat and blazer
• Winter coats and raincoats

This is a great first stop for anyone looking to spruce up the wardrobe of your favorite guy. Be it your boyfriend, hubby, or even dear ole Dad, he might need some assistance in the wardrobe department. Be there for him (and yourself). No event is fun when you feel embarrassed about looking drab. Get that guy some clothes, and then reward him by taking him out for a fun night on the town!

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