What if my quest to become a rich woman ends with me becoming homeless?

How do people end up homeless? It can happen in any number of ways, and it can happen to anyone at any age. I have been homeless at one point in my life. I did not have to live on the streets, but I did not have a home. I had to beg for shelter from friends of a sibling. At the time I was 20 going on 21 years old and had a 2-year old child.

Sometimes I fear that I will end up homeless after all this; that at the end of the day the truth of my utter and complete uselessness will be impossible to hide. I will never make money again, and my husband will leave in frustration over having to give up all his hard earned income to pay bills to keep a roof over the head of a woman who hardly ever gives him sex yet demands his loyalty; or else he will die. As for my son he will find it necessary to sever all contact with me because my depression is taking too great a toll on him and his wife/girl friend demands that he cut me out of his life or lose her and their children (if they have children).

Image: Homeless Woman by pedrosimoes7 via Flickr

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