Which is more important love or money?

Dear rich bitch, which do you think is more important – love or money? Stacy in Florida

Dear Stacy in Florida, the question love or money is easy to answer when talking about your children or other people in your life as near and dear and precious as your own child; but when talking about your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife it’s not always easy to decide if love is more important than money or money more important than love. It would probably come down to a question of how much money we’re talking about.

If you ask someone if they’d give up the love of their life for one thousand dollars you’ll probably get closer to 100% answers in the negative; but change the figure to a million dollars and you’ll probably be nearer to 50% instantaneous affirmatives. For the majority of us it’s much easier to find a new lover than to get our hands on a million dollars, and with most of us in relationships that are hardly fulfilling and that we fantasize about getting out of, an offer of a million dollars to give up the so-called love of our life would probably not be an easy offer to refuse.

In answer to the question, in consideration of the fact that love cannot pay your rent or pay for your groceries, or pay for the visits to the gynecologist that often come with loving someone who loves many others while loving you, I’m going to have to say money is more important that love except in the case of parental love toward a child. In that case love is more important than money; but even in that case, when your child gets sick all the love in the world won’t cure the sickness and if you don’t have the money to afford the necessary treatment your child could very well die, which would seem to make a good point for an argument that even when it comes to our children being able to provide for them and care for them is more important than loving them.

Image: The Kiss’s Beginning by pedrosimoes7 via Flickr

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