Why would a psychic not know what is wrong with her that causes her to attract losers?

Vessa Rinehart-Phillips appeared as “Vessa Rinehart” in the documentary “People Like Us – Social Class In America”. She was the lady in the segment with self-help consultant Ginie Polo Sayles. Ginie Polo Sayes is the author of “How to Marry the rich”, something she has the authority to write about having done it herself.

In the People Like Us Segment Genie Polo Sayles is teaching Vessa Rinehart how to improve herself in order to fit in with the upper class. The  impression is given that Vessa is fed up with attracting losers and has enlisted the aide of Ginie Polo Sayles to help her in her quest to land a man of quality and means.

The problem is, unless Vessa appears in the segment as an actress, Vessa Rinehart is supposed to be a psychic. According to the website myintuition.net, Vessa, author of Opening the Third Eye, discovered her psychic abilities as a child. Surely a psychic doesn’t need anyone’s help in figuring out why she attracts losers and coming up with a plan for attracting rich men instead? At the very least a psychic should be able to see a loser approaching before he arrives and thus be able to avoid him.

By the change in name from Vessa Rinehart to Vessa Rinehart-Phillips it would seem Vessa found her Mr. Right. She doesn’t appear to be a known socialite though, which suggests she might not have married into the life she was coveting in the documentary. She didn’t really seem like she belonged in that pretentious world into which Ginie Polo Sayles was helping her gain entrance anyway. She might have still landed a rich fish. There are quiet living rich people around who don’t have a need to do the parties and showy stuff.

Video with Vessa Rinehart and Ginie Polo Sayles

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