Why you might be better off panning for real gold than trying to become a gold digger who lands a rich husband

Simply put, there just aren’t that many available rich men sitting out on park benches waiting for a girl to come around and sweet talk her way into their pockets.

A man does not become a multimillionaire by accident.

Rich men are usually smart men. They can see through a woman who is after their money.

There are some men who go out specifically seeking women to spend their money on, but they are usually looking for women who fit a certain image.

Sugar daddy types are okay with knowing a woman is after their money. They willingly agree to take care of the woman, pay her bills, give her spending money and “keep her” as their property as long as she gives them what they want in exchange. These men aren’t generally looking for a wife.

You probably have a better chance striking it rich panning for gold somewhere than you do of finding a rich man to marry; but if finding a rich man to marry is your goal then you should give your full effort to achieve your goal.

You should keep in mind though that the same effort you put into trying to find a rich man to marry can be put into trying to make your own millions. The same determination and persistence that can reward you with the rich man of your dreams can also reward with success earning the millions you desire entirely on your own.

Note: this is coming from someone who is married to a poor man and has no money in the bank so take it for what it’s worth.

Image: Successful gold panning – Linda by jeaneeem via Flickr

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