Why do women allow this?

On the surface this seems perfectly harmless. Just some young girls chasing after their dreams training to improve their flexibility in order to be the best at what they do.

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But at the end of the day this just looks like another way in which women are encouraged to torture themselves if need be in order to win the admiration of men. After the Olympic medals, or the applause from the amazed audience, what use will such flexibility be to the woman?

If you ever read the comments posted in reaction to videos of women demonstrating their skill at contorting their bodies, you’ll find most of the comments are being made by men and have something to do with how great it must be to have sex with such a flexible woman. Contortionist videos make money easily on certain websites because they are highly viewed and highly rated not because the girls/women put on such an awesome performance but because the guys love the views they get of legs stretched to their maximum capacity.

To see what women go through to achieve this unnatural level of flexibility is somewhat disturbing especially considering that to a large percentage of their audience the beauty of their performance is appreciated only at crotch level.

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