Women in forex trading

I have to admit that I’m wondering if my intelligence quotient might be too low to allow me to grasp the concept of forex trading or any other kind of trading, investing and economics subjects well enough to take part in a related conversation. I wonder if maybe I’m totally out of my league here. Bad marriages I can talk about easily, 500 calorie diets, feeling fat, wanting to lose weight, depression, but forex trading? And I wonder if maybe that doesn’t explain in some small part why there are so few women out there talking about market liquidity, derivatives, exchange rates, bid/ask spreads and the like. We limit ourselves and trivialize our lives, at least some of us, by preoccupying ourselves with silly concerns. And we tell ourselves that certain subjects are just above our heads for one reason or another.

There’s still a prevalent attitude in society where women and money are thought to be a mix that is a headache for a man in the sense that the only thing women know about money is how to spend it on clothes and shoes and accessories. Of course the woman first has to find the man whose head she will make hurt by spending the money he goes out and earns.

I did come across some articles that claim there are more and more women trading forex from their home computers maintaining work from home business; but as for prominent females with big names in forex trading, I could find very few out there taking part in trading discussions by maintaning forex trading blogs or building their own forex trading resource websites. One name that appears to be well recognized and well respected in forex trading in that of Kathy Lien, author and currency expert.

Kathy has written trading books such as:

1) “Day Trading the Currency Market: Technical and Fundamental Strategies to Profit form Market Swings (2005, Wiley).”

2) High Probability Trading Setups for the Currency Market E-Book (2006, Investopedia)

3) Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People Are Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game (2007, Wiley)

She is an experienced FX analyst and trader co-runs an FX signal service and used to work in JPMorgan Chase’s Cross Markets and Foreign Exchange Trading groups.

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