Women who compromise themselves for money

Dear Rich bitch, I see all these reality shows where people do all kinds of crazy things to earn a huge prize money. How far do you think a woman would compromise to get a million dollars? anonymous

Dear anonymous, money talks as they say, and even though a million dollars today isn’t what it was twenty years ago, it’s still a million dollars, and there are women who could compromise themselves in significant ways for that amount of money.

While it was just a Hollywood film, the movie “Indecent Proposal” which starred Demi Moore, Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson addressed the exact question. Just how far would a woman go for a million dollars?

Personally, if the devil himself came and offered me a million dollars to sleep with him, as long as he wasn’t a three-headed beast with hands like Edward Scissorhands, five hoofed feet, a 12-foot tail, and a 1-foot tongue hanging out of his mouth oozing slime, I would seriously consider it. I’m not saying I would do it, but I would give it some serious thought. After all the compromise is to have sex when I don’t want to with someone I don’t truly desire sexually, a compromise very many women make daily with no real reward to justify their choice.

In the case of “Indecent Proposal” the whole thing was romanticized. The man making the indecent proposal wasn’t exactly grotesque. On the contrary he was a handsome man that many women would have slept with for no money at all, which removed the element of the compromise being totally repugnant.

Some women would think nothing of agreeing to sex for money while others would not accept any amount of money, even a million dollars, to compromise themselves in that way. There are some women who would pose nude for a hundred dollars while there are others who wouldn’t pose nude for one million. Values differ from person to person.

At the end of the day if a woman is comfortable with the choices she makes and can live with herself after compromising herself for money then there’s really no problem.

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