Would you pay $650,100 to have lunch with Warren Buffet?

Apparently a chance to have lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffet is being auctioned off over at Ebay. The starting bid was $25,000 and the current high bid is $77,100 (this is as of 9:17 EST June 23rd,2008). The auction is to benefit the Glide foundation, an organization providing social services to San Francisco’s poor and homeless. Seems this auction is a yearly event currently in it’s sixth year. Also seems last year’s winning bid was $650,100. Good money for the Glide Foundation no doubt; but one would imagine someone with $650,000 to spend for the chance to lunch with Warren Buffet already knows quite a bit about how to make big money? What can have been the benefit of this lunch to them? It’s hard to imagine they would have been able to do much picking of Warren Buffet’s brain; but hopefully it was money well spent for them.

Source of information: Auction of lunch with Warren Buffett starts Sunday

Buffet Auction

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