Would you pay a clueless and suicidal person for advice about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

I’ve been chatting via email with Ted Murphy who is the president of SpeakToMe, Inc. We’ve been chatting about his new website monetization program.

As you might know website development in some form has been the nature of my business for the last ten years. You might also know that for the last year I have been struggling to make money with my business and things are presently at a critical point. Yesterday’s earnings totaled $0.71 cents. I’ve had my electricity service interrupted twice and my son has had to pay my credit card bills and also help me make up the difference for the rest of the household bills after my husband’s contribution. I am in an ugly place financially.

I suppose you’re thinking to yourself that website monetization is the least of my troubles. If you think like the average person, you’ve probably already snidely remarked, “you need to get off your ass and go find a real job like everybody else”; but as I’ve said before, that is not an option for me, so I continue to look for ways to make money from my various websites.

Ted’s SpeakToMe Expert Services actually sounds interesting and could potentially make money for Ted and those experts who have advice to give that their website visitors actually want badly enough to pay for; but I’m not so sure it would be useful for me, at least not with this particular website. Maybe it might be useful on my forex blog site, but that site has an even smaller audience than this one, and as any of you who followed along in my forex trading adventures is aware, I am no forex expert. Thus, it would be unethical for me to be charging people for forex trading advice.

I do like the concept of Ted’s Speak To Me program; but as for signing up to use the service I’ll probably pass for now simply because I don’t think too many of you would be interested in paying to have a one-on-one conversation with me about anything. You don’t even bother to comment on anything I write which is a good enough indication that you’re just not that interested in conversing with me. For that reason Ted’s service wouldn’t work for me; but if you have a website that’s only making you a few pennies per day and you think your visitors might be interested in paying for a one-on-one chat with you to ask your expert opinion on whatever you talk about on your website, then by all means check out SpeakToMe Expert Services.

I don’t know Ted and I cannot vouch for him or his service; but I would test drive it myself if I thought I had advice to give that my website visitors would pay to obtain from me.

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