Wrap dresses

Wrap dressAs part of my goal to improve my life and eventually become a rich bitch ( I don’t use the word bitch to offend anyone or to imply that rich women are bitches) I plan to start caring more how I look, even while I’m at home working. I know there are some days when someone knocks on the door unexpectedly and I have to pretend no one’s home because I don’t look fit to be seen. I want to bring a stop to all of that because I think it largely contributes to my inability to maintain a positive mindset for very long.

Anytime I get to feeling hopeful, like on a day like today when the sun is shining so brightly it’s almost impossible not to feel inspired to want to do something with your life, I’ll get all fired up and determined to make a success of my life, but before long I’m back in the same old doom and gloom mindset that always has behind it a conviction that I’ll never be anything, I’ll never amount to anything no matter what I do. So I treat myself abominably, not caring how I look, how my surroundings look, distancing myself emotionally from everyone, and not living my life.

Well, I made a decision a week or so ago that it’s time to get serious about changing my life not only financially, but also improving my mental and physical health. And part of my plan includes improving my over all appearance starting with the way I present myself every day.

So I am looking at some dresses, because I think I’m more comfortable in dresses. I can’t afford any right now, but I’m looking anyway. I was looking for some long summer dresses the other day, and now I’m looking at wrap dresses because I understand wrap dresses can help to disguise a protruding stomach and with my 3 large fibroids I need all the help I can get disguising my protruding stomach.

At the moment I couldn’t shop Walmart much less Neiman Marcus, but hopefully my business will start to pick up and I’ll be able to buy a few dresses before the end of summer. Right now I’m window shopping for wrap dresses on Amazon. No point window shopping at a place where I know it will be a good while before I can afford their clothes.

Target is selling a Merona® Knit black wrap dress via Amazon, but I can’t see how the style would help in my situation. The dress did get a good review from a “not so little lady”, but just because someone is plus-sized doesn’t mean they have a protruding belly. Not only that, some plus-sized women do have a protruding belly, but because they’re big all around you don’t necessarily notice as much as when someone who is not plus-sized has a protruding belly. I am bigger than I would like to be and bigger than I am accustomed to being, but I’m not plus-sized so my protruding belly is very noticeable.

There are a number of other wrap dresses on Amazon, but what has no sleeves is too low cut and none of them look to me like they would minimize my stomach. I’m not convinced that wrap dresses are the way to go when you have a problem with fibroids making you look like you’re several months pregnant though you’re not. At least not the styles I’ve seen on Amazon. Maybe wrap dress with an empire waist style but definitely not wrap dresses with a traditional waist placement.

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