You can’t live your best life if you’re poor

bath saltsI got to thinking today about that whole “live your best life” movement and how easy it is for people like Oprah Winfrey to be preaching about living your best life while completely ignoring the fact that the women they are preaching to are not, like themselves, rich women who can pick up on a whim and go to some exotic locale to get a breather. I’m not trying to suggest you need to be rich to “live your best life”, but certainly, when you’re poor life does not usually accommodate your desire to live your best life by adjusting itself around your circumstances in a way that makes living your best life possible while having to worry daily about being able to pay your bills.

But poverty can take a tremendous toll on a woman’s health and on her looks. Stress can lead to numerous ailments, weight gain, premature wrinkling, and graying of the hair among other things. So even if you’re poor, while you probably couldn’t afford to live your fantasy “best life”, you should still try to take care of “you”. The stress and frustrations that come with poverty can make you not care about anything, including about yourself. You can get to feeling like there’s no point in bathing some days for example, no point in brushing your teeth, no point in washing your hair, no point in cleaning your home, no point in going out for a walk. But doing these things that can help to reduce the impact of stress in your life, and you don’t need to be rich to do them. Assuming you’re not having such severe financial problems that you can’t afford shampoo or toothpaste, or your water has been disconnected, even you in all your poverty can afford to keep your body clean and refreshed, and keep your home clean so you can at least be comfortable in your skin and comfortable in your space.

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