Rich women aren’t perfect: Zani Gugelmann has four breasts

Here’s an example of when skinny reaches the point when you shouldn’t wear skin tight clothes.

Memo to Zani Gugelmann: ribs aren’t sexy. Really Zani. Seriously.

Oh well, she’s not listening and why should she? The guys are probably all hot for her so as far as she’s concerned anyone who tells her that her ribs make her look like she has four breasts is just jealous.

Have no idea who Zani Gugelmann is? Click here if you want to find out

Click here for the full photo of Zani Gugelmann in her skin tight black one-shoulder dress attending the New Yorkers for Children annual fall gala

Some of the comments are quite funny. Must agree with Virginian’s:

When your ribs are bigger than your breasts, it’s time to eat a cheeseburger – or two.

Zani clearly thinks she has a killer body. Why else would she have opted for a body stocking disguised as a dress?

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